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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long will it take to get my quilting done?

    Our standard turn around for edge to edge quilting is 3 to 4 weeks. If you have any special requirements for your quilting (borders and blocks, etc...) it may take a little longer. When you send us a quilting request we will provide you with a good faith estimate of when you will receive your quilt back.  Click here to go to our quilting request page.

    It depends on a couple of things. the complexity of the quilting being requested and it you have any special requirements

  • What size should I make my backing material?

    Your backing should be a minimum of 8 inches larger than your quilt top. This is needed to attach it to the frame of our long arm quilter. If you piece your backing, try to make the seam run from side to side on the quilt rather than from the top to the bottom (we know this isn't an always an option). Seams running from top to bottom tend to build up material on that section of the take-up roller and roll up the quilt unevenly.
  • Do you do 'heirloom' quilting?

    We currently do not provide heirloom quilting. Quality free motion heirloom quilting is an art and we are still learning. We are practicing on our own quilts until we feel confident in the product we can provide. If you are looking for someone to provide you with heirloom quilting, please contact us and we can provide information for local heirloom long arm quilt

  • What kind of long arm quilter do you have?

    We have an APQS Millennium quilting machine with a Quilt Path computerized system

  •  What do I need to prepare my quilt for quilting?

  • Make sure your quilt top is square

    Make sure your borders lie as flat as possible

    Make sure your backing is square and at least 8 inches larger than your quilt top both top to bottom and side to side

    Do not pin your quilt together with the batting and/or backing. We need to load them on the machine individually

    If your quilt has a top, please use a safety pin to indicate the top. Do the same with the backing if needed.

    Remove all loose threads (dark threads can show through the light material on the quilt top).

    Press the quilt top and backing. Make sure all seams are pressed open.